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Information About Having A Healthy and Easy LifeFri, 15 Oct 2010 15:20:29 +0000enhourly1 Tips, 11 Oct 2010 19:01:32 +0000chris of the cheapest ways to have a healthy and easy life is to learn how to relax. Surprisingly, this is not as easy for most of us as it sounds. Even when we take a minute out of our busy, busy days to relax, our minds are often still whirling with things that need to be done.

How often do you truly relax? Here are some tips to help with doing this.

First, set the mood. Find some stress relief music to play. It can be anything that you like, be it classical music, sounds of nature, the ocean or a similar musical CD. Light a candle next, to help set a calming mood.

Next, breathe. Take a few minutes to just focus on your breathing, nothing else. This is actually a popular technique with meditation and why it is so successful.

Third, visualize something beautiful. If you find your mind returning to everyday chores and thoughts, one way to distract them from you is using visualization techniques. Think of the most beautiful place you know and imagine yourself there for a few minutes.

Other valuable relaxation tips include taking long walks. While walking, try to focus on the sound of your footsteps and of nature around you to distract yourself from “busy thoughts.”

You may find it easiest to relax when you know you will not be disturbed, so if possible, try to make your relaxation time coincide with your alone time.

A cup of soothing tea, such as chamomile, may also relax. Stay away from caffeinated black teas or coffee!

Relaxing is something that many of us have to learn to do – it does not often come naturally. Learning how to relax will not only make your life more peaceful and happy, but it could possibly extend your life as well since reducing stress can help combat many stress induced illnesses.

]]> To Choose A Cleansing Program, 11 Oct 2010 04:19:40 +0000chris you are interested in doing a body cleanse, congratulations! You are on your way to feeling much more healthy and energetic.

Cleansing is a wonderful way to bring health into your life, and there are many different cleansing programs to choose from. However, before you invest your time, money and energy into any kind of whole body cleanse, you should think carefully about what it is that you want in your cleanse.

There are a variety of different kinds of cleansing programs. Some rely on using harsh, chemical laxatives while others will only have you use organic, natural materials. I have always found it difficult to understand why someone would put synthetic chemicals into their body during a cleanse since one of the main points of doing a cleanse is to rid your body of toxins. Going organic seems the best choice to me, although I know some may differ in their opinions.

Another thing to think about when choosing a cleanse is how long it will be for and how difficult it will be for you. Many cleanses require you abstain from solid foods for a certain period of time – ten to fourteen days seems about standard. You will often be on a liquid diet during this time, drinking laxative teas and often fruit or vegetable juices. The purpose of abstaining from solids is that it gives your colon a rest and aids with the flushing process. However, for many, this will be a difficult transition.

There are some cleansing diets that include additives such as psyllium husks to give you a sense of fullness on the cleanse. If you worry that you will not be able to stick to a straight cleanse, these additives can often make the difference between having a successful cleanse and failing. As such, they can be an important alternative for those who are struggling sticking to a body cleanse program.

You also need to think about what you intend to do once you come off the cleanse. For some, this may involve dramatically changing their food consumption. Many like to move to a raw food diet after their cleanse, which has cleansing and detoxification elements to it as well (especially if you stick to organic produce).

By taking all these factors into account, you should be able to find the right cleansing program for yourself and be able to stick to it!