Unsuccessful 'Makeover': Contestant's Weight Loss Failure Angers …

Unsuccessful 'Makeover': Contestant's Weight Loss Failure Angers …

Not even the magic of television could save “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” participant Wally, who failed to meet his weight loss goals and drew the ire of his trainer Chris Powell.

In Monday’s episode, Wally originally weighed in at 490 pounds due to an uncontrolled addiction to fast food. He and his wife were overjoyed when he was selected for the ABC reality show, and for the first three months, with constant support from Powell, Wally lost weight.

He met the three-month loss requirement of 100 pounds, earning a trip to Disney World for him and his family.

But the wheels came off in the magic kingdom, when Powell saw Wally for the first time in months and noticed that he has gained weight instead of losing the 70 pounds he was supposed to. “He would rather pick an addiction over me, over his family, over his wife, over his daughter. He would rather pick his food over anything,” Powell said.

Worse yet, Powell had been talking to Wally on the phone a few days every week and Wally led him to believe he was on track. Wally’s deception led to an angry confrontation from Powell.

“You spit in my face,” Powell told him.

No Happy Ending for Wally: Watch Last Night’s “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss” Episode Now


Wally ended up having to do his 100 mile benchmark bike ride at 359 pounds, much heavier than Powell had planned. Wally made it 43 miles before the ride had to be stopped because he was suffering from heat exhaustion.

From there, Wally cut off contact with Powell and when the show checked in on him at home weeks later, they found Wally with a fast food bag in his car. He was back up to 418 pounds and feeling suicidal. At that point, Powell pulled the plug, saying Wally needed more serious help.

There was no magical transformation at the end of the show; Powell helped check Wally into a facility to deal with his food addiction.

“Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” airs at 10 p.m. Mondays on ABC.

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