Self Employed Health Insurance and Life Insurance plans and policies are available through

Self Employed Health Insurance and Life Insurance plans and policies are available through

FL Health and Life. The self employed health insurance that we provide is available as individual health cover or it can be provided as family health insurance. Being issued through an Association group benefits that would ordinarily not be available to individuals are provided through the health insurance plans that we provide. Association membership has many other business benefits through this coverage.

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Self Employed Health Insurance
Most self-employed health insurance policies do not cover the individual whilst at work yet most self-employed people do not carry a worker''s compensation policy. One may ask why, but in many cases it''s because they believe they would be covered by their health insurance plan. Unfortunately in most cases, the self-employed individual is NOT insured whilst performing their working duties. Should the unfortunate happen and they had an accident at ''work'', their health insurance would NOT pay for any resulting health care meaning the individual would be responsible for 100% of the cost. Additionally, these costs would NOT have any affect / impact upon any health insurance deductible detailed in their own policy because the treatment paid for was NOT for an insurable claim.

24/7 Self Employed Health Insurance Cover All health policies we issue have 24/7 coverage meaning that, where there is no worker''s compensation protection an individual has health cover both in and out of work.

Policies Are Guaranteed Renewable
Most individual health insurance policies in Florida are not guaranteed renewable. Should you have treatment for a serious or critical health condition the insurer can increase your premiums or simply not offer you its renewal. All our policies are issued with an ''Association'' membership providing a guaranteed renewable benefit. This means that you will always be offered the opportunity to renew your policy. Additionally, you will never be singled out for policy increases as a result of the previous year''s health claims. For self employed health insurance contact us for further details or to get a quote.






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