Mio Motion Heart Rate Monitor Review

Mio Motion Heart Rate Monitor Review

Mio Plus Strapless HRM

The Mio Motion and Plus strapless heart rate monitors are ideal for walkers that want to keep track of their walking distance and heart rate without the burden of using a heart strap.

The Mio Motion offers some really great functions, especially for runners. In addition to keeping the user informed of their heart rate and where they are in relation to their maximum heart rate, the Motion works as a pedometer, keeping up with the wearer''s speed, how far they''ve run, and how many steps they''ve taken. This is especially useful if the wearer is exercising somewhere unfamiliar and they don''t know the distance they would be walking or running. On top of it all, the Motion keeps up with the calories the wearer has burned while they were exercising, so if the goal of the wearer is to lose some weight this feature would probably be extra handy.

Of course, there are some problems with the device. One of the issues isn''t really a problem so much as a cautionary tale: be aware that when you purchase a strapless heart rate monitor it will not give you a continuous heart rate, but instead an intermittent one that comes at the demand of the wearer by placing a couple of their fingers on the surface of the watch. The other issue with this watch is that it uses the wearer''s stride length to check distance. The problem here is that if the wearer somehow manages to incorrectly input their stride length, they simply will not be able to get an accurate reading from the Motion. This is true of most pedometers, though, so the watch doesn''t have a major shortcoming on that front. Finally, the last complaint comes in the form of user friendliness. Evidently the Motion can be a bit difficult to set up initially and then a bit difficult to maximize the usage of all of its features. This, of course, could be a bit problematic.

Mio Motion strapless heart Rate Monitor
MIO Motion Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The price of this device is probably fair. The list price comes in at around ninety dollars, but it can be bought online for around fifty dollars. The Mio Motion Plus is also avaialbe in this price range and an even better value.

Customer Review:

And here''s what some of the customers who bought the Mio Motion Strapless Heart Monitor have to say about it:

    ..."the watch works well for someone who walks a lot and keeps a constant stride but if you vary running and walking, the pedometer thrown off"...

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