Inflammatory Breast Cancer Video

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Video

These scares also depict raised growths that are ill defined around the area of a damaged skin. Inflammatory Breast Cancer VideoAs much as many people can get Keloid scars, there are those ethnic groups which are mostly at a greater risk of attainment. These are mostly black and Hispanic women, where 15 times of these individuals depict a significant rise in Keloid scars, the most of whom are highly pigmented, or contain melanin, and the number that greatly needs breast augmentation.

Sometimes, there has been a myth about Keloid scars where many individuals have stressed its association with breast cancer and that it appears as symptoms of breast cancer. As much as these facts are unsubstantiated, the breast cancer survivors have not ruled it out as a concern for those women who develop it. In other cases, breast augmentation surgery has been suggested for those individuals who develop the condition, so that they might enhance their conditions, through the hands of a quality breast surgeon, who have in the recent past carried such related operation or breast surgery.

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Most areas of the body are overtly susceptible to scarring as a result of Keloid, mostly the region along the upper arm, upper back as well as ones sternum. Such areas as the neck back and earlobes are other common sites that Keloid scars might appear. This is reason which has not ruled them from attacking any gender, from males to females, and of varied ages.

There have been fewer results on the causes of Keloid scars since they are not overtly understood, though the trauma of the skin has been the main factor which cannot be underrated as a cause of the scars. This is the reason many pundits have not ruled it as a skin cancer, with information from a number of breast cancer sites having info on the same since it also affects those individuals with breast cancers or who have had breast augmentation procedures, such as breast implants. Other factors have included infections along wounded areas, trauma along the same infected areas, skin tensions, as well as foreign bodies inside a wound being sited as probable factors in the advent of this skin problem.

For extra information on the scars, breast augmentation and pictures for those who have never seen them, or for those with the skin condition, they should visit their doctors or any breast surgeon for further information that might just save their lives.

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