Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

One of my favorite holidays has finally arrived! While the pumpkin-flavored-everything is certainly a perk, Thanksgiving brings joy as a time for reflection and celebration with friends and family.

macy''s day parade happy thanksgiving what are you thankful for
Macy''s Day Parade

Every year I’ve had the fortune of sharing Thanksgiving with different family members or friends, while never sticking to a particular routine or tradition. I find comfort in the varied experiences each year and have come to enjoy the random occasions I’ve encountered. One year I spent it at a pirate-themed dinner with close family, another year I watched the Macy’s Day Parade from a hotel room in New York City, and last year my dad and I served hot meals at a local church. I think the best part about Thanksgiving is the opportunity to make the most of the holiday with whoever you happen to be with.

Spending the day with loved ones and reflecting on what we’re thankful for is amazingly uplifting; something we should strive to do each day. Today, I’ll share with you that I’m thankful for supportive friends, loving family members, everyday laughter and humor that surrounds us, the ability to embark on challenges with the inspiring people around me, the internet bringing together people from all over the world to share stories and eye-opening experiences, and this blog as an outlet for my whole health journey. And, I’ll be honest… I’m very grateful for Paleo pumpkin pancakes too!

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?