Calcium Supplements

Calcium Supplements

Supplements are the components consumed to make up for the deficiency of the nutrients in the body.

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They help in improving performance and capability of an individual. These are commonly taken by a sportsman or consumed by men to build a strong body. Calcium is the element which ensures strong bones or to fix the broken bones.

The most important aspect to be considered while choosing the calcium supplements is by considering the quantity of elemental calcium. ‘Elemental calcium’ is the quantity of calcium in the supplement, which can be absorbed by the body. This is generally written on the label of the supplement.

There are many other aspects to be kept in mind before purchasing a calcium supplement. Firstly, one should check the label for the USP approved stamp. USP stands for U.S. Pharmacopeia. This signifies that the supplements meet the standards for purity, tablet dissolution and quality. The next thing is to see the amount of tablets one must consume everyday to get the essential percentage of daily value. This can also be found on the label.

Another aspect is to avert taking the supplements that include bone meal, dolomite, or unprocessed oyster shell. This is because these products may contain toxic substances like arsenic, lead and mercury. Then the next point is to be cautious of the generic brands available in the market. These may be more reasonable than the brand names but not necessarily have a USP approval. In other words, they may not dissolve quickly and so may not be very useful.

However, there are also chelated calcium tablets at hand, but these are not a better alternative to be considered. The fact is that these are more expensive and have no lead as compared to other supplements in the market.