raw food diet menu

raw food diet menu

raw food diet menu

started the raw food diet..today! i am 17 yrs old and a woman… is this breakfast menu enough?

For breakfast:

2 oranges
2 cups of green tea

No, I’m a 6 year SUCCESSFUL raw foodist. I’m 28, my skin is pretty, I have muscle and I think clearly.

You need more calories for the morning or your energy level will be low and you will crave cooked food.

Apples have very low calories per volume. Should be more like 6 oranges, 2 apples.

In general, 6 pounds of fruit contains enough protein to equal the 32grams you supposedly should be eating each day. Don’t listen to the protein preachers, don’t even mention your diet to them because you’ll never hear the end of it.

Here are some tips.

Rawfood PowerHouse Diet:

8am……………….Meal 1 – Smoothie: 8 bananas, 4 celery stalks; Eat: 2 leaves black kale
12pm……………. Meal 2 – Eat: 6 oranges, 2 leaves black kale
3pm……………….Meal 3 – Eat: 1lb any berries, 2 leaves black kale
6pm……………….Meal 4 – Eat: 1lb Salad, Mixed Greens Only, 0% fat dressing is o.k. to use, no more than 1 tbls.


Buy a large bowl for home & a medium sized cooler to put in the trunk of your car

Buy enough fruit so that you have 4 days worth everytime

Eat fruit only when it is ripe

ALWAYS eat greens with the fruit, it cleans the teeth and keeps them super bright white, without the greens, your teeth will start to turn yellow. Fruit in grocery stores is modified to have 10x the sugar than they used to, the greens are important.

No tomato in the salad unless it’s Hierloom

No avocado or nuts, the fat from both will stop the fruit sugar from entering your system and drain you of energy… the nuts will mix with the fruit sugar and destroy your gum line and teeth

Never eat in the 2 hours before bedtime, the best sleep comes on a un-full stomach

No more than a glass of organic (no sulfites) wine a day (hey, we are only human)

Have fun, don’t let your diet be your life.

If it makes you look good and feel good, do it!

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