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One more year has passed and you’re moving into the future, daily. The pressures of life are beginning to grow as you are being prodded to define the direction your life should take. What will you do for a living? Am I being told the truth about life? With all the uncertainty I see within the world I am unsure about those who guide me?

Let me help you. The world as you already know is filled with truth tellers and liars. You have identified some who have told the truth and others who have lied. Some or more difficult to determine. How do you sift through the difference as a teen?

What is the truth teller giving up by telling you the truth? What is the liar giving up by telling you lies?

The liar tells lies to avoid confrontation, which means the lie is for them, not you. The liar tells lies to get you to buy in on whatever they are offering you, which means the lie is for them, not you. The liar tells stories that are flowery (meaning they are not concise and simply) Why is that? So while you’re pondering what it is they are actually saying, you simply agree. It is so much easier to agree because they sound so much smarter than you. Who has profited from the lie? The liar is the one who profits.

Have you seen the many ads on YouTube and the social media promising you things to buy into and they are ultimately false? Why? Lies are for the profit of the one telling them. Not you.

The simple truth is this. We come into this sinful world as sinners. God promised to give you a guide to navigate this world. This guide is called the Holy Spirit. This guide is given to you when you believe the work Jesus Christ did on the cross for your sins. You are guilty of sin. God’s holiness requires a purity that you cannot give. Repent and be baptized. Ask God for his Holy Spirit and when you receive it. Obey him. He is truth.

How do you know whether or not I am telling the truth? Because what I have just said, is not popular and I could lose views for saying it. Not you.

picture by Mighty mighty bigmac