Too Busy to even Breathe? Here’re Tips to Get Distressed

Too Busy to even Breathe? Here’re Tips to Get Distressed

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Striking work-life balance is probably one of the most poignant issues that need to be tacked in our day-to-day life. And the result is enormous stress. Some may be passing obstacles but there are some problems which not only kill us mentally and physically but also drain us out emotionally. Happiness and enjoyment takes a backseat and what we are left with tension, anxiety, frustration and stress. Even slightest worry becomes a mounting problem. Well, if you are thinking this is only your story, then you are wrong. There are millions in this world whose life even after all the luxurious has become a living hell. Thanks to the never ending stress and expectations to fulfill. But there are ways by which one can manage stress in a proper way. Stress management not only makes you feel relaxed and at peace but also gives you an opportunity to think positively towards life on the whole. Thus, making this God’s gift a pleasurable experience all along. Here are few easy tips to distress.

Stress management can be divided into two parts:

Ask questions to yourself

Self-management typically means managing your own self. There are many unanswered questions that need to be addressed when you want to distress yourself. Such as, “Why I do this?” or” Why I react this way in such a situation?” or” How can I stay calm when I feel worked up?”. These few questions will help you answer the inner conflict that gives rise to stress in any human being. It is important thus to find an answer to the issues that bother you mentally and emotionally and stress you up.

Maintain relationship

Unsuccessful and strained relationship within and outside your home can create lot of stress. One has to understand why a particular relationship has and failed and what are the different ways that can help in mending these fences. Always keep in mind that hassled emotions can create havoc and stress you endlessly. If possible try to build a friends base with whom you can share concerns and at the same time they give you a new insight to the life.

Get the right attitude

Attitude in life make all the difference. Change your way of analyzing things, if you have repeatedly failed in achieving anything wroth out of it. Feeling of anger, frustration, and jealously can drive you insane and create enormous stress in your life. Try to keep yourself away from negativity. Pamper yourself with good food, books, flowers and music. Take a stroll so that it can help you think positive and put your negative thoughts to rest.

Regular exercise and proper food

Regular exercise keeps your mind and body healthy. In addition try to have balanced diet and nutrition supplements. Remember antioxidants are very useful for relieving stress. Take regular walks and keep away from pollution as much as possible. Give yourself a good bossy message whenever possible.

Work and Household Management

Proper financial management

Finance is one of the biggest sources of concern make sure to keep your finance balanced. If needed, hire a wealth manager, if you find it difficult to make things work on your own.

Household chores can drive one practically insane. Make sure that you have enough help at home, if things are going out of your hand. Make sure you have enough time to spend with your kids and spouse. A good movie with the family or a game with the kids is the best stress busters.

Learn to say “no”

There is no harm in saying no, if you have a valid reason. Try and be polite and not to hurt anyone intentionally. Along with proper time management, it is equally important to do priority management. Missed priorities always result in chaos and frustration and that leads to stress. So make sure to choose what can be done best at a given point of time.

Working and meeting deadline is yet another stressful job until you make it your passion. Work can even reduce your existing stress, if dealt with right attitude. Making people work can be harrowing but giving them the correct direction will help you get the best work done by anyone. At the same time, make sure to take breaks every 15 minutes during the work. Listen to soothing music and help yourself with a hot cup of coffee or tea, if that helps you relax. Also keep your communication clear at your work field so that misunderstanding is avoided.

Leading stress-free life has become a utopia in modern day. But with little perseverance and correct management, it can be surely achieved. Follow the given tips and am sure you are on your way to a happy and health family and life.

Alia Haley is a blogger who is a health buff and religiously follows a healthy lifestyle. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to maintaining the perfect work life balance. These days she is busy in writing on nutrition and fitness.