Sickie-Poo Essentials – A Survival Guide

Sickie-Poo Essentials – A Survival Guide

It is difficult to find the motivation to blog when you’re sick with a bacterial infection for a week, however it has given me a lot of time to think and brainstorm about my dreams and ambitions. Since I’ve started working in the “real world” with a “real job”, I haven’t been able to sit and think about my move forward in life. Given this rare abundance of time, I picked myself up and started doing things I have loved doing – – Writing, playing piano, making youtube videos and blogging. Even though I am sick I don’t want to stop doing these things because otherwise I would be a blob in a bed (which admittedly I did do for 4 days).

So how does this involved a healthy lifestyle? Well, since I am not healthy in one aspect, I can be healthy in the other aspects – doing what I love to do. In the end that’s what makes us human beings happy, right? Since blogging is one of my hobbies, here is a post that certainly hits home:

Sickie-Poo Essentials – A Survival Guide

  • Chamomile Tea (Or any other caffeine free tea of your choice) *
  • Lemons (preferably a 5lb bag – Let’s be real, you’re going to be going through that vitamin C like your life depends on it.)
  • Honey (It’s soothing, sweet and delicious)
  • Tissues with Lotion (cause you’re little nosey is going to be getting chapped with all the blowing you’ll be doing day in and day out.)
  • Clear broth soup (to get those electrolytes and to stay hydrated because water most will taste too foul to drink on its own.)**
  • Lemonade Crystal Light Water Flavoring (Low Sugar or Sugar Free – In most cases I would say not to go for water flavorings, but when sick, water is not satisfying to the taste buds and making lemonade is too exhausting and involves too much sugar. So in the event of getting sick, this is an exception.) ***
  • Puppy Snuggles! (You can always count on those to make you happy.)

*Caffeine dehydrates, which is the last thing you want when you’re sick. Stay hydrated!

** Clear broth soups that are my faves during a sick spell are wonton, war wonton, french onion, chicken noodle and udon soup

*** This is a substitute for water with lemon. I would stick with traditional lemon water because you want to feed your body the pure vitamin C to boost your immune system to help you body thrive to fight off the illness.

While all these items do help with fighting off and offering comfort during your sick time, they do not keep you from doing the right thing and SEEING A DOCTOR in the event that your illness is more than the common cold. In addition to that, don’t forget to feed yourself with the right things. Keep it wholesome, nutrient dense and satisfying. While soup is great, it is hot outside during this time of year, so a great nutrient dense food to include would be a smoothie. You can add fruits and vegetables to make a packed drink that tastes good and is good for you!

For those of you that are sick, I’m sorry, I feel your pain. For those that are not, these are great items to keep on hand so you’re prepared when you get sick – which hopefully won’t be too soon or EVER!

With that, I leave you to your day.

Stay Wholesome, Healthy and Happy – It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet