Personal Trainer from Langhorne Explains How Lower Ab Exercises Can Be Misleading

Personal Trainer from Langhorne Explains How Lower Ab Exercises Can Be Misleading

If you think doing lower ab exercises can get you ripped abs, think again. Doing lower ab exercises to get six pack abs can be one of the most misleading notions out there. Having visible, well-muscled abs require having disciplined eating habits and regular physical activity in order to increase our body’s metabolism.

Lower ab exercises will not give us defined abs. Exercises for the lower abs will get the area stronger and help stabilize and support the back and hip area, but it is not possible to spot reduce.

Training the problem area directly will not burn the fat found in that area either. What we need to do is train the whole body so that excess body fat, especially around the stomach area, can be burned as fuel and used as energy.

A smart eating plan, consisting of smart food choices, allows the body to easily burn these for energy. This jumpstarts our metabolism and allows the burning of excess body fat stored in our stomach area.

Another way of keeping our metabolism raised throughout the day is by eating 5 to 6 small meals a day. This ensures maintenance of blood sugar and energy levels, as well as lowering caloric intake and, therefore, less fat is stored.

Exercising is a great way to increase our metabolism. Resistance training has a way of making our muscles adapt to the increased demands, which results in greater metabolic activity. When the body has increased metabolism, it becomes more efficient at burning fat and utilizing the excess fat as fuel.

Meanwhile, engaging in anaerobic interval training builds explosive and highly reactive muscles that require more energy. Thus, increased muscle activity allows our body to be more efficient in burning excess fat stores, leading to continued fat burning even hours after training.

It is not possible to get six pack abs by doing just lower ab exercises. Spot reducing does not work and in order to really have well-defined abs, we must understand and make changes in our diet and exercise program, so we are able to increase our metabolism.