I have had 5 bioresonance treatments at Bicom Health.

I have had 5 bioresonance treatments at Bicom Health.


I have had 5 bioresonance treatments at Bicom Health.

Before that my energy was very low- I would wake up in the morning with no energy and feeling sick from not being able to digest food very well.

After the treatment my energy has doubled, and I am digesting my food much better. I also found out I had Candida, which is causing long term skin problems.

I’ve recommended the treatment to many people because it works and it’s great to finally know what is going on with my body after so many health specialists who couldn’t tell me.

Krishna Loca

I’ve been suffering on and off for four years with chronic fatigue. After 3 treatments of bioresonance I’m feeling so good and realising I had forgotten what it is like to have energy to “play” with.

Julia Snelling

“I have to say that the flu treatment worked.”

Darryl Goodwin

When I was 22 I contracted glandular fever and for the last 12 years I have often struggled to maintain basic day-to-day activities and have not held a full time job in that time.

I was suffering sleep disturbance, having to get up in the early hours of the morning because I would have such severe muscular pain if I lay still for long periods. I went to see the best doctors, the best acupuncturists, osteopaths, iridologists, natural healers and spent many hours in meditation to help with the pain and fatigue. Some of them would help but there was no real shift or change in my health.

Since having bioresonance I have discovered that as well as Glandular fever I also had Ross river fever (explains the aches and pains), ME, EBV and Hong Kong Chicken Virus. As well as this I also had food allergies and an underlying Candida condition.

I have since had my viruses deactivated and my allergies treated through bioresonance. I am maintaining a diet that is improving my intestinal flora.

Since this I have been able to sleep for 8 hours undisturbed, I’ve gained 8 kilos! and so am now a healthy weight, I’m able to work for much longer hours and I have many people comment on the fact that I look so much better.

After spending so many years in the dark about my health condition, I and many others are amazed at the changes that can happen using bioresonance.

Sarah Wilson

I had a dramatic improvement in what had been a long-term digestive problem. There where immediate and lasting effects on the condition that were much appreciated. I had had cramping and diarrhea that was attributed to amoebic dysentery contracted in Afghanistan approximately 30 years ago

Stephen Bland

I have been an asthma suffer most of my life, and despite medical practitioners saying that I should grow out of it, I never did. After years on being on medication I have become wary to the traditional approach of pills and inhalers, so I have developed an interest in a preventative approach to my health.

After a lot of trial and error I worked out for myself that certain foods made my asthma worse, and it became clear to me that my asthma was allergy related.

I discovered Susan of Bicom and I took the chance to be tested. Without mentioning the allergies I suspected, the results I got back matched what I already knew about plus a couple more. Based on this I took the plunge and started the full program for detoxing myself against the allergies.

The treatment was often fascinating, and given the degree of my allergies sometimes frustrating as I had to avoid my allergenic foods during treatment. As with any treatment lasting over a period of weeks, it is important (and difficult) to maintain the discipline needed, but Susan was supportive in helping me through the rough spots.

During the treatment I began to notice a clear improvement in my asthma, and by the end of the treatment my asthma although not totally gone, was significantly improved. In addition my sleeping patterns improved, as did my general well being.

For me the treatment was of great benefit, and one that I am pleased to have undertaken. For anyone who is serious about dealing with their allergies, then I would suggest that they consider the Bicom treatment.

Bruce Kerr

I was a pack a day smoker for the past 15 years. I had tried to give up a couple of times but never stopped…until now. I was always too afraid to find out what life would be like without my “friend” nicotine to seriously try giving it up.

But recently, as my kids grew older, they would question why Dad smokes if it’s so bad for you? At their young age it would break my heart to see the genuine concern in their eyes. So, as part of my new year’s resolution I decided that at some stage during the year, rather than on New Years Eve, I would make a serious attempt to quit smoking.

As part of my research, I concluded that nicotine patches really only have a small success rate, and I didn’t like the idea of quitting with the aid of the very chemical that had me addicted in the first place.

I also decided that not only did I need to rid my body of nicotine; I would also have to address the habit itself, that first smoke with your coffee in the morning, or that one in the afternoon after doing the lawns with that nice cold beer.

(It’s funny how you only remember the ‘good times’ with smoking and not those ones where I would try to smoke with a hangover, and that would make me want to throw up, or the hacking cough that would accompany it.)

That’s when I came across Bicom Health. It not only puts your cells back to a non-smoker state, Bicom also combines it with Hypnotism so that you address both the addiction and the habit.

Although slightly skeptical, as I had never been hypnotized, I decided to put aside my doubts and give it a 110% chance to succeed.

The session itself was quite relaxed. You are asked some key questions as to your motivation for quitting, as there is no real point doing the treatment unless one really wants to stop. The bioresonance treatment was conducted at the same time as the hypnosis session. The whole process took approximately 1 hour, and all I can say is that I walked out feeling like a non-smoker. Yep….it was that easy.

I have now gone 4 weeks without a smoke and the way I feel now, I will never let nicotine have the hold that it once had on me ever again. My only regret is that I only wish I had done this earlier.

I recommend this method without hesitation to anyone who wants to give up, but thinks that life without smoking looks to daunting to seriously contemplate. Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.

Will James

Hi Susan Dayal here, the non-smoking on this time.

I have been on the piss a few times since my treatment and I find that I am pouring it down a lot quicker than I used to. I am not to worried about that though, I can address that a bit down the track. My nephew called up and we got on it, as we do when we are tighter, and he was amazed that I was off the smokes whilst on the piss.

We are off to Hong Kong in a few weeks, and I pointed out that I will have no problem not smoking for the 12 hours in the plane.

Dayal Landy

I have been a smoker for over 20 years. I tried to give up before without success, but after the use of bioresonance I didn’t have any craving for cigarettes, which was really good. Since that day I haven’t smoked again and I didn’t have to deal with the withdrawal symptoms, only with breaking the habit of smoking and thoughts but that is way easier than dealing with the physical cravings as well. I am surprised and very pleased with this treatment.

Andrea Lira

The one-hour quit smoking treatment provided me with a quick, painless and incredibly efficient means by which to quit after being a smoker for 40 years. It required no effort on my part and still requires no effort. I became a smoker just like that with no nasty side effects and no ongoing cravings whatsoever. It’s almost unbelievable but it works- and its very affordable too. Everyone who smokes and wants to quit needs to call you.

Sue Silva