I feel good – Hannah

I feel good – Hannah

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  • Lose Weight while you SLEEP!
  • Weight Loss without DIETING!
  • Soothing Ocean Waves and Beautiful Synthesizer Music relaxes you while the subliminals take affect.
  • Listen to this CD while relaxing, working, cleaning house, or surfing online!
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This is a subliminal product with hundreds of positive affirmations recorded onto one relaxing CD. Although the words aren''t audible, they are there and they are powerful! The affirmations are masked by beautiful music and soothing ocean waves. Meanwhile, as you focus on something else, or just while relaxing, the subliminal affirmations take hold in your subconscious mind. The affirmations are powerful and designed to bring about safe, healthy and permanent changes in your life. With so many subliminal products on the market, be cautious to purchase only REAL subliminal recordings with NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) affirmations. Proper production, recording, scripting, and duplication are vital in creating such a powerful product. Use only the BEST! Trust Mind Design technology and expertise.List Price: $ 14.99Price: $ 12.99

28-Day Plan Buns & Abs Get Fit Lose Weight Book

Choose to Lose Weight-Loss Plan for Men : A Take-Cont..
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www.drtuhindev.co.uk . A short video clip showing the changes in Hannah''s skin during the course of the study.