Forthcoming Events - One Stop Weight Loss

Forthcoming Events - One Stop Weight Loss

Weekly Weight Loss Support Groups £7.50

At Worcester

Tuesdays – 9.30am to 10.30am, 6pm to 7pm
Thursdays – 6pm to 7pm

At Bromyard

Wednesdays – 6pm to 7pm

A weekly support group to facilitate weight loss, using a variety of therapies to break old patterns of behaviours and limiting beliefs.

Maximum Group Size of 12 members.

End Yo Yo Dieting – One Day Programme Cost £75, Next March Date to be advised

Held Monthly on a Saturday from 10.00am to 3.30pm (Call now for next dates)

The cost is £75 payable by cash or cheque on the day and will include a Weight Loss Hypnotherapy CD (value £10) and training materials and a light lunch. The maximum group size will be 10 and the course will include:

•2 Weight Loss Hypnotherapy sessions, including shrinking the stomach
•How to Break Free from Destructive Behaviour Patterns
•How to Reduce Cravings
•How your Old Identity is getting in the way of success.
•Understand how Your Thoughts and Beliefs are Keeping You Stuck
•The Effect of Stress on the your Weight and Techniques to Reduce Stress
•How to Easily Speed Up Your Metabolism
•Nutritional Advice.

The programme is designed to enable you to have a healthy relationship with food without ‘dieting.’ After all, we all know how to lose weight, but we need to understand and eliminate what’s stopping us getting the results we want.


"When I attended the one day "Hypnotherapy Weight Loss Day" I was pretty much depressed about my weight and felt a failure for having to attend such an event, having tried with varying success every diet imaginable!.
However, the day was much more fun than I had expected and full of practical advice which all felt achievable. I felt immensely positive by the end of the day with a feeling that I CAN and WILL achieve my weight loss goal. What I wasn''t expecting was the knock on effect that rolled over into the positive feelings about my life in general too. Thank you very much - I would most certainly recommend this course." K Y Worcester

“Hi Debbie,

Just want to say thank you for a really lovely day last Friday, it really made me think about the reasons why I have been so unhappy with the way I look at myself.
Importantly you made me see that by being negative with the way I look and constantly telling people my self image, then I''m giving them a reason to look and maybe agree with me.

At first, when I came away, I did slightly panic that it wouldn’t work for me, that I wouldn’t have time to do the relaxation etc, but you know even if I don’t do them every day, it doesn’t matter because already I FEEL BETTER WITH MYSELF- WORTHY-STRONG-VALUABLE-ATTRACTIVE, and if I want to have a biscuit then I will have one and enjoy it without feeling guilty, useless and a failure for giving in, and then thinking that I have blown it, so as I''m a big fat mess I might as well have another six!

So in your words I am giving myself permission to be normal, happy and eat like a slim person.

SO THANK YOU,” S N Worcester.

Group Hypnotic Gastric Band One Day Programme Cost £250 – Next March Date To be Advised

Held Monthly, usually on a Friday (Call now for next dates available) 10.00am to 3pm
Maximum of 6 members
Debbie is a trained Hypnotic Gastric Band Practitioner, and for those interested in this option, she holds a one day intensive programme each month, for up to 6 people.

By using the latest techniques in Hypnotherapy and NLP, even though you consciously know that you have not gone ‘under the knife’, your subconscious can behave exactly as if it had. The benefits are that there are none of the risks associated with surgery, with all the potential benefits, at a fraction of the cost, which usually costs between £7500 to £10,000 for the actual operation. The reduced cost for this day is £250, which includes weight loss counselling, therapy and the virtual operation, complete with Operating Theatre sounds and a CD of the virtual operation to take away. A light lunch is also provided.


“Hi Debbie,

I would like to thank you for all the advice and support you give while having the Hypnotic Gastric Band, normally by now I would have given up on the diet but, as I now call this healthy eating, I have stuck with the plan and have lost 11 lbs so far, I feel good and accept who I am, if anyone asks me was it worth it, I have to say a 100% and would recommend it, I have been fighting my weight from late childhood.” A M Worcester

“Since having the Hypnotic Band just over a month ago, I have lost 16lbs. I am feeling very positive and believe that I can at last, reach my target goal. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested. Many thanks. “ L W Worcester

For more details on any of the above programmes or for next available dates, call Debbie on 01905 388866, or email

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