Eat oatmeal weight loss

Eat oatmeal weight loss
Tips: sugar, did not add food spices and creamer.

Magic: increased energy and motivation, reducing cholesterol, maintaining blood sugar levels, slow down hunger

Secret weapons: complex carbohydrates and fiber

Against: obesity, heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer

Partners: High-fiber cereals, such as all bran fiber (whole wheat bread, whole grains, represented by)

Phoney: sugary cereal cereal

Oatmeal, and low-fat milk is simply gold partner, so that they more frequently appear in your menu on the bar.

Cereals containing soluble fiber, which can be compared with insoluble fiber (such as vegetables) to stay in your stomach longer. At the same time, water-soluble dietary fiber can lower blood cholesterol, can be described as your cardiovascular companion.

Our daily intake should be 25-35 grams fiber, but most people only intake by half. Fiber not only gives you a more saturated feel better to promote gastrointestinal motility, like a bouncer for your body process the food to absorb the guy kicked out of trouble. It protects you from heart disease, and to colon carcinogens clean out your intestines.

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