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Consulting - Evolutionary Health

Work with us to reach your health, fitness, and performance goals

Here at Evolutionary Health our knowledge and experience is vast and deep. Our team has learned from the best in the industry and has worked with clients ranging from young kids to professional athletes. We want you to reach your goals, whatever they may be, and we help you pursue them with tenacity. We will evolve your life!

We believe we offer a unique set of knowledge, skills, and experience you can''t find anywhere else. Our team works collaboratively to combine our strengths to deliver the best service possible. We have advanced degrees in human physiology and human movement along with real-world experiences as high-level athletes and coaches. We combine scientific knowledge with experience. Each client is unique and we work with you to develop a customized, individual plan. We do not offer cookie-cutter programs as we believe that is not the best way to achieve success. Also, as we have extensive knowledge and experience in goal-setting we help you set the right kind of goals. We are experienced across many domains. Our expertise includes the followingCertified Sports Nutritionists (CISSN)Strength & Conditioning (CSCS)Olympic Weightlifting (USAW)Personal TrainingHealth ConsultingSports PsychologyWe are dedicated to your success. We value our clients as people, to us you are not just a source of revenue. You are our people and become our friends. We truly want you to reach your goals.

Every great service needs to produce results. Here at Evolutionary Health we thrive on results, it is what makes us tick . We are not happy with just putting in the effort, we get results." You were invaluable in my transformation. When I first came to you my goal was to reach 130 lbs (from 150), which seemed daunting at the time, but we surpassed that goal and I am now maintaining 125 lbs. Most importantly I am healthier and more active than I have been in years. Although we no longer work together I still maintain my program. You have trained me for life! " ~ 65 year old female." After working with you for 3 months I was able to get off my cholesterol medication. I am ecstatic to say I am STATIN FREE after only 3 months. The money I will save in future medication will give me a thousand fold return on investment. I wish I could send more people to you as you have changed so much of my life". ~ 41 year old male. " I was fortunate enough to get to train with you in person last summer. Not only did I get bigger, stronger, and faster but I had a blast working with you. Training was exciting, dynamic, and I enjoyed the fact you got in the trenches and gutted out the hard work with me. You helped me improve as an athlete!" ~ 16 year old male.

When you work with Evolutionary Health you get the whole team, whether you decide to choose one of our services or many. Nutrition ConsultingTraining ProgrammingHealth ConsultingGuest Speaking

Unlike many consulting services we individualize everything. We excel at communication and finding out what it takes from us and from you to be successful. We establish solid relationships and keep track of your progress. This is what you can expect when working with us.Results: First and foremost we get results, plain and simple. You have goals, we have goals, and together we reach those goals. We are relentless in our pursuit of those goals and give you the tools to be successful.Personalized programs: Whether it is a training schedule, meal plan, lifestyle modification program, or a health transformation protocol, the program is unique to you. No two programs are the same Excellent Communication: In a world where personal communication is dwindling we stand out. While you can reach us via e-mail, we prefer to work face-to-face via skype or on the phone. You are people and we want to know who you are. We are completely transparent and open with our communication. What you see is what you get. Strong Relationships: We believe relationships between people are critical in reaching goals. In establishing a strong relationship we develop trust and can hold each other accountable to delivering excellence. You can expect excellence from us and in-turn we expect it from you as well!Excellence: We deliver excellence, plain and simple. We take pride in our work and in our clients. We promise nothing less than excellence.

Our training, knowledge, and experience allows us to excel at what we do. We highly value our skill set but we also want to make it accessible to you. Thus we offer a wide range of packages and services at different prices. We have listed a range below but we tend to conduct an initial consultation and then determine an appropriate program and pricing with you in a dynamic fashion. Again, each client is unique and requires individualized programming.Nutrition Consulting: 39-200/monthTraining Programming: 39-200/monthHealth Consulting: 39-200/monthGuest Speaking: Per case basis