CNA Schools in Houston – Preparing Students to Be the Best in Their Career

CNA Schools in Houston – Preparing Students to Be the Best in Their Career

Certified nursing assistant jobs are in demand and high paying that’s why more people are taking this course.

A certified nursing assistant generally helps in the basic needs of clients including serving meals, administering medicines, massaging the patients, cleaning the beds, etc. Not everyone can do this job because it takes a lot of effort, patience, hard work and most of all empathy to the patients. Since there’s good job opportunity in this career and more students are enrolling for this course, several schools in US added this in their curriculum. These include certified nursing assistant schools in Houston.

American Medical Institute

10849 Kinghurst St, #120, Houston, TX 77099 Cross Streets: Between S Wilcrest Dr and Landsbury Dr Neighborhood: Alief Houston, TX – (713) 772-5300

This school offers certification and daily programs to students. The daily programs include CPR program, first aid, assisted living and medication aid update. Each of these trainings can be completed in one day as they only last for several hours. Certification for nursing assistants, medication aid and vocational nurse are offered. The school aims to develop students to become independent in their jobs. The certification program for nursing assistants can last for up to 4 or 6 weeks. Students under this program are trained for basic nurse duties in the hospital, clinic or home.

Professional Careers Institute

6666 Harwin Suite 160, Houston – (713) 783-3999

16903 Red Oak Dr # 175, Houston – (281) 453-5999

This is one of the top certified nursing assistant schools in Houston as they provide students knowledge and training they need to be effective and confident in their future job as nursing assistants. Instructors do not only have the qualifications to teach students but they are experts on their fields. The school provides access to quality and state of the art equipments to use on their training. The program will thoroughly prepare the students to become the best nursing assistants that they can be within 6 months of training. They will receive a diploma after graduation. Moreover, the school provides assistance to students to get jobs after finishing the course.

Houston Community College

2524 Garland St, Houston - (713) 718-7000

1300 Holman, Houston - (713) 718-6000

3100 Main St, Houston, Texas – (713) 718-5303

This school focuses in training students to have nursing care skills for patients who need assistance in their daily lives such as those who are under rehabilitation or patients who have difficulties moving by themselves. Some of the facilities that future graduates may apply are rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and long term chronic care hospitals. Taking nursing assistant program in this school can help you land an entry level job. This course lasts for 96 hours.

Knowledge Health Institute

7322 Southwest Fwy # 1988 Houston, TX 77074-2053 – (713) 774-8700

It’s also one of the best certified nursing assistant schools in Houston. The school offers classes in the morning, evening as well as weekends. If you have a part time job and you want to take this course, you can get the schedule most convenient to you. Aside from the classroom education, students also have laboratory classes and the best part is that they will have actual experience in a hospital or nursing home. A registered nurse will supervise them during the actual learning period. Experiencing the actual job is the best way to prepare the students in their future career.

Tarrant County College

1500 Houston Street Fort Worth, Texas 76102 - (817) 515-8223

The school offers a 90 hour nurse aid training to prepare students to become certified nursing assistants focusing on bedside care. Bedside care is taking care of a patient who can no longer leave bed. Generally, all the basic needs of the patient from eating, cleaning, changing clothes, etc. will be done with the help of the nursing assistant.

These are only few of the many certified nursing assistant schools in Houston. You may check online for more options in choosing the best school to enroll.