Welcome to One Stop Weight Loss - The Experts In Weight Loss And Weight Management

Welcome to One Stop Weight Loss - The Experts In Weight Loss And Weight Management

New for 2013 - Donate Your Weight! (See below for more details)

• Are you about to embark on yet another diet and the thought is driving you to food?

• Do you start your diet on a Monday, but by Tuesday it’s usually all over?

• Do you criticise yourself up and say “If only I had more willpower, what’s wrong with me?”

Well the good news is there’s nothing wrong with you and you’re probably like 91% of the population who go on a diet, lose weight but then end up putting it all back on again and sometimes more. Even though we say to ourselves at the time “I’ll never put the weight back on again” and really believe it.

You see for the vast majority of the population, diets by themselves, don’t work long term. We’re either on a diet and restricting our food intake, usually against our will, or we’ve fallen off the wagon and opening up the flood gates and eating all the foods again we’ve been denying ourselves! Hence the never ending cycle of Yo-Yo Dieting.

The Key To Success

So what is the Key to Success? Everybody wants the magic pill. Well if you believe it’s willpower, you’re fighting a losing battle. It has nothing to do with willpower and determination and everything to do with changing the way you think and what you believe about yourself.

Therefore as an example, if you see yourself as an overweight person, who has little control around food; this will become your reality. You may change your habits and behaviour for a while and even manage to lose some weight and keep it off for a short time. However, eventually you will return to your old behaviours, to get back to your identity (your belief of who you are) because this is the controlling force.

Why Choose Us To Help You Lose Weight?

We can help you identify and change the beliefs that are holding you back, through our support groups and one to one coaching. We offer a personalised approach, after all there is no ‘One Diet Suits All’ solution.

We have a range of Weight Loss programmes to suit you, from fast track affordable meal replacements to personalised healthy eating weight loss plans designed to suit you, your lifestyle and your budget.

We hold small weekly weight loss support groups (maximum number 12), run by our Weight Loss Coaches and Eating Behaviour Therapists. Our aim is to help you make the change easy and enjoyable and become the healthier and slimmer person you want to be.

Our Mission for 2013 - Donate Your Weight

At One Stop Weight Loss, we believe in giving back to our local communities. The week before Christmas I was thinking about how we could be different to all the other big Weight Loss companies out there, when suddenly I had the brainwave “Donate Your Weight!” It came to me out of the blue, but suddenly filled me with excitement about it’s possibilities!

Instead of thinking about the term “Weight Loss” and the old saying that what you lose, you go looking for and gain it back, what if we thought about “Weight Donation” instead? The idea is that we give away our weight and then came the next brainwave!! What if, as we helped clients to lose weight, we were also able to help raise money for local children’s charities at the same time?

The More You Lose, The More Another Child Gains!
What better way to lose weight, knowing that as well as improving your own health, you are helping another child as well?

We are donating 100% of the weekly weigh in fee (£2.50) to Acorns Hospice, and also 10% of all our fees and are asking the client to donate 10p for every pound they lose. Our aim is to raise £10,000 for Children’s Charities in 2013, but we need your support!

So what better way to start 2013, knowing that your weight loss really will make a difference?
Contact Debbie on 01905 388 866 for a chat or book in for a free 15 minute consultation, or email debbie@donateyourweight.co.uk with any questions.


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