March 2011 Newsletter with Video! from Hastings Healthy Living

March 2011 Newsletter with Video! from Hastings Healthy Living

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Article: Spring Detox: A Fresh Start
Recipe of the Month with Video !!!!!!!!!
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Hello my healthy readers!

It''s time for a FREASH START!

It''s time to shed winter coats, cravings and (excuse my language) crap!

As the world around us begins to thaw and melt, we begin to see the signs that something good is going on under all of that frozen snow. And just as the tulips are beginning to pop their little heads through the earth, we to begin to crawl out from under our own winter blanket.

We begin to want to get outside, eat less junk, have more energy and experience better digestion. And I have great news spring is the perfect time of year to rid our bodies of accumulated toxins and plain old yucky food!

So, check out the awesome detox class I have going on this month, it''s the perfect way to support your body''s own natural detoxification process and don''t miss the video I prepared for you this month!
Hope you like it!

To your health and wellness,

Here''s what''s going on this month:

Spring Detox and Yoga Class

Time: 11am-2 pm
Location: Heartsong Yoga Center
264 North Main St East Longmeadow Ma 01028
Cost: $35 prepaid $40/at the door

It''s been a LONG winter baby! And just about everyone I talk to feels the same way, they are ready for winter to be OVER (myself included). But what if this winter was a way of Mother Nature trying to get our the form of big snow storms, strong winds and cold temperatures. When you think about it Mother Nature seems to keep throwing crazy weather our way. It''s almost as if she''s saying "wake up, pay attention, it''s time to do something...different...better". Maybe it''s time we apply that same mind set to our bodies, you know, that beautiful temple that you each live in everyday.....

We''ve all said it to ourselves that we''ll start over tomorrow or Monday, with healthier eating, living, thinking. Have you ever wondered why it''s so hard and why we seem to be addicted to feeling like garbage? Hey, you know what they say, "you are what you eat"....right?
Look, I''m not perfect and I''m certainly not asking you to be perfect, but I will ask you to take a look at what you''re putting into your body and what it''s doing to you.
Your body talks to you EVERYDAY you just have to listen...

What''s your body saying to you?

Recipe of the Month with Video !!!!!!!!!
This recipe is one of my husbands favorite''s! It''s so delicious you won''t even miss the meat... I promise!

Sunflower Seed Burgers

full recipe>>

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To your health and happiness,
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