Low-carb diet fad may be reaching its peak

Low-carb diet fad may be reaching its peak

So many people have tried the various low-carb diets that the diet fad may be reaching its peak, says an industry analyst. Diets usually peak when enough people have tried the diets and failed to generate the results they were hoping to see. And with any diet, Atkins or otherwise, a large percentage of people are going to fail simply because they don''t stick with it, or they don''t engage in regular physical exercise.

For manufacturers of bread, soft drinks, pasta and other high-carbohydrate foods, this news couldn''t be more welcome: these food manufacturing companies are being hit hard by low-carb diets. But they''ll feel it for a long time, no doubt: now that people have been educated about the dangers of refined carbohydrates and added sugars, sales of foods using such ingredients are likely to remain supressed for years, if not an entire decade. And rightfully so -- such food ingredients directly promote diabetes, obesity and even cancer. Be sure to read the related article, How do I keep my blood sugar down without taking insulin or medications?.

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  • - CHICAGO (CBS.MW) - "The second day of a diet is always easier than the first," Jackie Gleason once said, because "by the second day, you''re off it."

    - While the low-carb diet craze seem to have somewhat more staying power, one food and beverage industry analyst suggested this week that the fad may well have peaked and could soon see much slower growth.

    - This is sustained good news for the protein complex," including Tyson (TSN: news, chart, profile), Smithfield (SFD: news, chart, profile) and Hormel (HRL: news, chart, profile) and "sustained bad news for industries such as pasta and bakery where a sudden and unforeseen drop in demand has now created a need for painful rationalization."