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INTERNATIONAL ORDERS 0044 8445 499 022

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INTERNATIONAL ORDERS 0044 8445 499 022

The Mini-Cigarette - an electronic cigarette that can be used as an aid to quit smoking.

Give up smoking now with the amazing electronic cigarette!

The e-cigarette looks, feels and tastes like an ordinary cigarette, but it:

  • is healthier: all of the carcinogens in normal cigarettes have been removed
  • can be "smoked" in the office
  • can be used as an aid to quit smoking (nicotine replacement therapy)
  • is much cheaper than smoking real cigarettes
  • cartridges come in four strenghts to help you quit. (High, Medium, Low and Zero)

Can the E-Cigarette help you to stop smoking?

The e-cigarette has been marketed as an alternative to smoking, and as an aid to quitting smoking. The extent to which it can help you stop smoking is still being debated. We can, however, point to the feedback from one of our customer''s, Rosemary, who has certainly found it helpful:

I have been smoking for fifty years, until last week I was smoking 40 to 50 a day. I have tried everything to stop, hypnotherapy, which cost a fortune, Zyban, where I had to attend a no smoking clinic for 6 weeks, you name it, I''ve tried it, all to no avail. I am now on my 6th day on e-cigs and I am down to 10 a day! Before I started on e-cigs, I said I would be more than happy to get down to 10 a day, now I feel that I have cracked it, and should be tobacco free in 2 weeks. So good luck to all you hopeful no smokers, if it works for me, it will work for you