Gastric bypass sugery leaves patient at critical 87 pounds, dying from malnutrition

Gastric bypass sugery leaves patient at critical 87 pounds, dying from malnutrition

Be careful what you ask for. Loren Root was obese, weighing in at 330 pounds, and wanted to lose weight. But after undergoing expensive gastric bypass surgery, Loren found herself unable to eat enough to maintain any weight at all, and she quickly slipped to a dangerous 87 pounds in total body weight. It''s yet another horror story about the dangers of gastric bypass surgery -- dangers that surgeons who perform such procedures hardly ever reveal to their patients.

Gastric bypass surgery is rapidly gaining in popularity, and it''s marketed to customers as an effortless solution to losing weight. The idea is seductive: after the surgery, you''ll automatically lose weight, without even trying. But in reality, gastric bypass surgery is a house of horrors.

First, it''s a barbaric procedure that maims patients for life. You can never go back to having a normal digestive system after undergoing gastric bypass surgery. Even more frightening, studies show that patients are just as unhealthy following the procedure as they were before it, even when they lose weight. That''s because bypassing your stomach doesn''t make you a healthy person, even if it does force you to eat less. To be healthy, you have to avoid eating processed foods and start supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals, healing herbs, healing foods and superfoods. Plus, you have to engage in regular physical exercise. There are no shortcuts.

Anybody can lose weight if they get back to natural health and start honoring their body rather than destroying it. And ripping it open in order to rearrange your digestive system is no way to honor your body. In fact, it''s more like declaring war on your body. You can''t expect to be healthy when you''ve declared war on your body, folks.

Skip the scalpels. Avoid gastric bypass surgery at all costs. Find other, more natural ways to lose weight. Yes, it will take effort. Yes, it will mean giving up all those comfort foods and spending perhaps 2 - 3 hours each day in order to engage in physical exercise and other health-enhancing activities. But look on the bright side: you get to keep your stomach!

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  • Loren Root, 52, says she now regrets having gastric bypass surgery.
  • Her doctor says she is slowly starving to death.
  • July 20, 2004 --- Loren Root has gone from one weight extreme to another, and she''s scared her fragile health is about to fail.
  • "I''m dying," said Root, 52, of California, who weighs just 87 pounds.
  • "And I''ve been in constant pain for the last 2 ½ years."
  • At that time, Root weighed 330 pounds and she underwent gastric bypass surgery to shrink her stomach and cut the absorption of food in her intestine.
  • But she couldn''t stop losing weight after the operation.
  • During surgery, Root''s doctor separated her stomach from her esophagus (the tube that carries food from the mouth) and created a tiny stomach --- a pouch --- that was then attached to the lower part of her small intestine.
  • Root and her doctors don''t know what''s wrong with her body, and she now regrets going into the surgery without asking enough questions.
  • Root''s weight wasn''t a problem while she was growing up in Los Angeles.
  • But after a divorce that left her raising a son on her own, she packed on the pounds and lost her job as a legal secretary.
  • "I would use food as, you know, a comfort," she said.
  • "I would find myself, you know, staring in --- opening the refrigerator and just staring into it.
  • You find yourself doing that and eating."
  • "She''d stay in the house and watch TV and eat candy," said her father, Mitch Root.


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