Best Diet Support – Yourself

Best Diet Support – Yourself

In an ideal world, you would receive the diet support of everyone around you, and you would benefit from inspirational thoughts provided by your spouse, kids and friend. In a practical world, you may find yourself with a spouse/family that is more a roadblock to your weight loss and diet, than a source of inspiration. [...]

One of the best diet strategies is humor. You have to be able to relax and enjoy your life/weight loss journey. If you make some mistakes on your way to your goal, just learn to sit back, relax and laugh. Have a laugh for your health We all know that laughter makes your life richer. [...]

Most of the things you really want are not going to come to you overnight, this week, or next month. Weight Loss is not an overnight goal. Weight loss takes time and effort. Unfortunately, some companies are trying to tell you that you can loose it all fast and easy. You didn’t gained all that [...]

Smile and laugh is the best diet tip. Today it’s Mother’s day and I received this e-mail from one of my friends. I laughed when I read it, you know why? I can see myself in some of them. I started to wonder how my kids will remember me. But you have to lighten up [...]

Ask yourself this question: who am I? Write down your honest answer on a paper: how do you see yourself? What do you think about yourself? If you could snap your fingers and change anything about yourself and your life, what would you change? Close your eyes and draw a picture of yourself in that [...]