WaterPik FLW-110 Power Whitening Flosser: The Multi-Tasker Flosser

WaterPik FLW-110 Power Whitening Flosser: The Multi-Tasker Flosser
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It’s just normal for everyone to choose the one that has more better features over the one who have only a few. The same thing goes in picking the right flosser. Of course, the model that could do the most for your teeth and gums is always preferred over the ones that’s solely dedicated to doing a single task. The same thing applies to the WaterPik FLW-110 Power Whitening Flosser. It doesn’t just give you cleaner teeth, healthier gums and fresher breath, it does the job of whitening your teeth too!


If you’re looking for ways to achieve healthy gums and whiter teeth without going to your dentist, then you need WaterPik FLW-110 Power Whitening Flosser. This flosser’s got 15 easy to replace mint flavored tips with a whitening agent so you can you’ll get the white and bright smile with regular use while maintaining a clean and healthy mouth.

Product Feedback

The Thumbs Up:

  • Teeth are noticeably whiter within a week.
  • The whitening tip helps battle stains.
  • Eliminates puffiness and redness of gum line between teeth.
  • Mouth feels cleaner and fresher after use.
  • It’s easy to use and convenient to carry.
  • Item is lightweight so you can floss as you walk around the house or while doing some tasks and chores.
  • The floss is “stiff” enough to easily fit in between teeth but it doesn’t hurt or poke at all.
  • For tightly-spaced teeth, it quickly vibrates around the bases of the teeth as well as between them.
  • Replacement tips make it hygienic to use.
  • Durable design and convenient storage.

The Thumbs Down:

  • Button is an awkward space and requires constant firm pressure to stay on.
  • Tip to use is somewhat flimsy and tends to bend.
  • Forcing the tip in causes it to bend so it’s not ideal for people with tight spaces in between their teeth.
  • Merely vibrated gums and it didn’t clean plaque from anywhere.
  • Not great for back teeth or molars.

To Whom this Product Works Best

If you’re one whose got braces or retainers in your teeth and you find all string flossing as a difficult task then WaterPik FLW-110 Power Whitening Flosser is the right one for you. This flosser will just swish away those food bits in between you teeth and braces so you don’t have to worry about having cavities in the long run. Plus it is portable and battery operated so you can just easily slip inside your bag wherever you go.


This product definitely stands to its promise of being a multi-tasker flosser. Aside from it being equipped with a whitening tip to help whiten the teeth as you floss, it’s also designed to floss your gums gently allowing you to use it even on your children. This is maybe the reason why it still continues to gain positive comments from its user. So why wait for you plaque to build up on your teeth when WaterPik FLW-110 Power Whitening Flosser can help you get rid of it quick?