Vatika Coconut Oil Review

Vatika Coconut Oil Review

Most women are striving to get good hair, but how much is good enough? There are different types of hair, and the ones suffering from dry, brittle hair have so much to conquer in looking for the best treatment that will cure it.

There are various products and most of them are very effective, but not all of them will work for everybody’s hair. There are those that are satisfied, while others’ conditions are only worsened. Vatika Coconut Oil has garnered positive reviews from numerous consumers, because it effectively cured their dry, brittle hair.

Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil

Known as Dabur Vatika Coconut Hair Oil, this product provides nourishment, that naturally heals your hair, giving it radiance and body and at the same time takes care of the nutrients’ critical balance.

Compared to normal coconut oil, this product contains eight herbs that are tested through time. They are good at giving magical healing capabilities to your hair, providing it complete nourishment.

It erases your worries of having to treat your hair at a salon regularly just to have that slick and gorgeous hair that you always wanted. These days the product has improved formulation in order to bring better results.

People who bought this product in order to treat their dry, brittle hair have to apply the product regularly on the scalp and hair. Applying Vatika Coconut Oil onto hair and leaving it on overnight will bring best results.

The eight key ingredients of this product are Soya Extracts, Kapurkachri, Rosemary Oil, Lemon, Neem, Henna, Brahmi and Triphala.


It helps thicken and strengthen hair, gives a shinier look and good at controlling dandruff. It guarantees repairs to your damaged hair and restore its natural and healthy balance. Using it daily or leaving the product overnight brings better results. This product is also geared towards strict vegans as well.

Majority of the consumers who tried Vatika Coconut Oil gave positive reviews. They rave about the results the product has provided such as how their hair has gotten more manageable and softer with every touch. They also enjoyed the scent it comes with. It also helped other consumers grow their hair faster. Some also commented that their scalp is healthier and cleaner, and has also stopped the recurrence of dandruff.

Consumers also do not have any complaints when they bought the product through Amazon. The shipment was fast, and the price was acceptable.


There are only a few disadvantages of this product. One is its scent. While most consumers find the scent quite to their liking, there are those who find it too strong. Second, it makes their hair a little bit oily, when they are only looking for products that give a natural shine and look. The consistency is also too thick, which makes it a challenge to get an ample amount out of the bottle. The top of the bottle that seals the product tends to break easily as well.

Before purchasing this product, you might want to check out what type of hair you have.


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