The Face of a New Age

The Face of a New Age

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The Face of a New Age

Your Face is Your Calling Card......What Is Your Face Value?

Introducing - The F.acial A.cupressure C.ontouring E.xercise Program

An all natural holistic anti-aging system that works!

Restore your facial muscles, create a more supple, youthful skin tone and release tension in your face for a lifetime.
This is the first complete and extremely effective workout program for your Facial and Neck Muscles.

Contains 2 complete programs

Why Acupressure?

How convenient that nature''s 10 best tools for taking care of your face are literally in front of you. Your fingers! (the digital facelift)
Has the high-tech beauty revolution replaced the traditional treatment? Chinese acupressure has been practiced for more than 5000 years.
The acupressure portion of the F.A.C.E. Program stimulates Chi, the Chinese word for life force, invigorating skin tissue and making the face look more youthful. The Western term, Pressure Point Therapy, tones up facial muscles to prevent sagging.
Regular Acupressure Facial Massage has been a basic beauty treatment for many women around the world.
Look and feel your ultimate best by practicing that which stars and professional experts have known for years.

Why Contouring Exercises?

The muscles of the face are extremely unfit, as a rule people exercise the body, not the face.
Why leave out dozens of facial muscles, arguably the most important? Being that the muscles are very small a little concentrated exercise produces big results very quickly. Its'' not magic, it''s not a gimmick, it''s just simple physiology.
The blood supply to a contracting muscle is 10 times greater than normal.
The principle of face-lifting through facial muscle contractions is scientifically proven.
Only a full muscle contraction tones and firms up the facial muscles effectively and/or prevents the sagging of the face.
If the muscles are not toned, the face will sag and portray an older look. With the F.A.C.E. program we will show you how to create a natural lift.

No one likes to think of themselves as growing older, but surely and gradually changes do take place. By investing a little time you can rehabilitate and prevent many of the effects of aging with this effective anti-aging program.

Start slowing down the aging process with the F.A.C.E. program NOW!

Be proactive! You don''t have to wait for circumstances to determine your actions.
Until a person can say "MY looks today are because of my actions yesterday," that person cannot say "I choose otherwise."
True independence of character empowers us to Act, rather than be acted upon. Basically, our character is a composite of our habits.

To learn more about this one of a kind program please contact us.

Home Exercise Program Testimonials

"I knew the very first day, of using your exercise program, that it would work, because my face was actually sore the next day from exercising the muscles. I am 47 years old and what a change. My friends can see a difference in my face, they say I''m looking younger every day. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work."

Janet P.

"You have done a wonderful thing in creating this Facial Acupressure Contouring exercise program. I started using it in July 2000, and when I went home for Christmas my family was shocked to see how firm my face was. They thought I had a face lift. In fact, they even checked if they could find scars. Now they all want to do it. I gave them your web address. I can''t thank you enough."

Sandy L.

"I''ve always exercised my body, but hadn''t thought much about a structured exercise for my face. Your program is terrific. After only a month, the change was so noticeable that my circle of friends were asking if I was getting more sleep and eating better. They all know me as an exerciseaholic, but now they can see an additional improvement. The best part is, that I can do the program anywhere, anytime."

Gratefully yours,
Sam R.

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate the F.A.C.E. Program. The results have been astonishing. I exercise my face every day, and because the results are so positive, I have now started exercising my body. I never thought I would ever do this, but I feel so good about myself, I can''t stop."

Thank you,