The Diet Solution Program

The Diet Solution Program

As the name suggests, The Diet Solution focuses on your diet, i.e. what you eat. This is an entirely logical place to start, and it bases itself on 3 core principles that should allow you to lose weight.

These principles are:

  • Knowing the correct foods to help accelerate fat burning in your body
  • Knowing the wrong foods that are actually preventing fat burning
  • Putting the right foods together in the proper way for the maximum fat burning effect!

Unlike many other diet solutions, this best selling program by Dr Isabel de Los Rios isn’t about starving yourself or going on a crash diet, although it does include a Quick Start Guide called “14 Days To A Sexy Body”.

Instead, this solution will actually:

  • Educate you about how your diet can affect your weight gain and weight loss
  • Reveal how not all carbohydrates and fats are bad for you!
  • Help you understand why many ‘healthy foods’ aren’t really as healthy as you thought they were

In a nutshell, by the time you’re done with this course, you should know exactly what foods you should be consuming and which ones you should be avoiding.

For a meager $47 – that certainly is knowledge that you can’t do without. Still not convinced, watch the free video below!

Lose Weight Fast Video

The Diet Solution Program Author

Dr Isabel de Los Rios is no pretender in the health and weight loss industry. She’s an expert with real academic credentials, and is known around the world. She is also a very well known author, public speaker, and health practitioner.

Dr Isabel doesn’t just talk the talk, she has in fact walked the walk as she was once overweight and suffering from a variety of health problems. Like many people, she tried several different diet programs, but all of them failed miserably. This is the reason Dr Isabel decided to find a solution by herself , and the rest, as they say, is history!