PERFECT Weight Loss Diet to Get Off All Drugs? Colombia, 14

PERFECT Weight Loss Diet to Get Off All Drugs?  Colombia, 14


PERFECT Weight Loss Diet to Get Off All Drugs? Colombia, 14
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Here is part 2 of my “Fasting, Sickness, Medicine, & Viruses” Talk! For Part 1, click here:

Dear Ms. Paula Deen, please know that there are people out there who want you to do better. You can do it, we believe in you! I used to be a Butter Queen myself, back when I was 60 pounds heavier and on medications, but in time and in knowledge, I can say that I’ve moved away from the cruel (and Diabetes-inducing) Dairy Products! A clean, plant-based diet is the new, hip thing to do, some get on board! The avocado is nature’s butter, y’all, so start incorporating it into your recipes. All will love it if you go plant-based: your Body, your Consciousness, the Innocent Animals, and the Environment. Thank you Britney Spears for the world’s best reaction to Paula’s “Vegetables.”

Today, I elaborate more about being sick. As you learned in the previous episode, I caught a virus here in the tropics of South America. Today is day 4, and I’m happy to say that I finally overcame the sickness. My appetite is back to normal, and I’m eating like a King all over again! This morning I had a Mango Smoothie, I later snacked on some Passion Fruits, I had 3 custard apples, a Pineapple, and some Avocado Smoothie for dinner (you see a glimpse of it in this video)!

I was first put on medications for ADD and Depression when I was 7 years old, and I was on different medications every year, ever since. In 2012 I learned about a high carb, low fat Vegan lifestyle on YouTube, and ever since, I haven’t looked back. Check out some of my videos on this channel to learn what I looked like and how far I’ve come. Unless I get surgery, have a major accident, or anything else serious, I plan to stay far away from drugs. I just don’t desire that in my life anymore.

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