Massage As A Quick Fix For Stress

Massage As A Quick Fix For Stress

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Massage As A Quick Fix For Stress

Naturally instinctive, massage is the most natural of stress relief techniques. Think about it, as soon as something aches, most people will automatically rub it without thinking. Helping to maintain health, massage can treat aches, sleeplessness, and tension. Touch is an important ingredient in happiness as evidenced by infants who have been neglected developing more slowly or even dying if deprived of human touch for too long. Touching families tend to produce children who are healthier, sleep better, and demonstrate a happier attitude. Since touch is often associated with love, we may be reluctant to touch others that are not within our personal circle. Massage offers positive, healthy touching without that taboo.

Suffering from stiff necks and shoulder aches, people can develop headaches and poor posture. To treat this, a shoulder massage is a good starting point. Start with your right hand touching your left shoulder. Beginning at the base of skull, knead down the neck and shoulder working towards the left hand. Repeat on the other shoulder, using your left hand. On either side of the spine, press hard in circular motions all the way up the neck to the bottom of the skull. On the areas around your shoulder and upper arms, squeeze and release several times. Hammering very lightly on your shoulders will energize the area. To finish this quick rejuvenating massage, stroke your hands and face working toward your chin, then neck, and finally back to the shoulders. This should remove any stress and tension in the shoulder and neck area.

Working long days, you may need a quick pick-me-up by massaging the legs. This can also be helpful have rigorous exercise. Resting your foot on flat ground, stroke the entire length of your leg making sure to get both sides. Repeat this pattern at least 3 times per leg. Paying close attention to your thighs, you can improve their texture and shape by kneading and lightly hammering the area to energize it. Next, massage your knees on the front and back, making hard circular motions around the kneecaps. Finish the massage by kneading the calf muscles followed by light stroking.

Without our feet, we can''t keep going. An invigorating foot massage can make your whole body feel rejuvenated. Placing one hand under your foot and the other on top, stroke the entire foot three or four times. Begin working each toe, grabbing the individual toes and pulling and kneading it lightly with gentle squeezing. Using just your fingers, press harder in circular motions around the arch and ball of your foot. Increase the pressure with your knuckles, and finish with stroking and rubbing the ankle and entire foot.

Massaging your hand can also be very relaxing. Beginning by stroking the hand, you move to squeezing it all over. Individually, squeeze and rub each finger. Use hard circular motions over each knuckle, then use your thumb to rub the tendons in the back of the hand. Keep circling across the palm of the and with your thumb and finish with gently rubbing the entire hand.

Finally, to top off the day, give yourself an abdominal massage. Not only does it feel good, it can improve digestion and increase weight loss. Using your fingers, knead the waist from one side to the other followed by each side. Placing the flat of you hand on one side of your abdomen, finish by pushing to the other side for about ten times.

These five quick and easy massages can help relieve your daily stress no matter where you are.

Common Herbs And Some Specific Uses


Camomile Flowers		3 parts
Catnip				3 parts
Passion Flower			3 parts
Spearmint			2 parts
Lemon Balm			2 parts
Hops				2 parts
Viscum album			1 part

Drink the simple infusion as needed, particularly in the evenings. If you know you will have trouble sleeping, start drinking it BEFORE you can''t sleep.


Valerian		4 parts
Verbena			4 parts
Skullcap		4 parts
Passion Flower		4 parts
European Mistletoe	2 parts
Damiana			2 parts
Siberian Ginseng	2 parts
Cordydalis		1 part

3-6 “00” capsules as needed. Lower doses help anxieties, larger doses act as an overt sedative. (Can be tinctured, 50% alcohol)