How Muc Safer Are Electronic Cigarettes Versis Tobacco Cigarettes

How Muc Safer Are Electronic Cigarettes Versis Tobacco Cigarettes

With the FDA issuing a notice stating that the electronic cigarettes haven’t been tested and can’t be offered as a smoking cessation mechanism, most individuals became nervous about their safety. One thing to bear in mind is of the fact that FDA hasn’t declared they’re hazardous, also, just that they haven’t tested an adequate amount of to achieve a conclusion. Nevertheless, there are studies done on tobacco products and nicotine so it is not hard to do the research and come to your own conclusions.

We know that tobacco goods are hazardous. They even carry a warning right on the label of every pack. Burning the tobacco creates carbon monoxide and cancer-causing substances. We by now recognize that as it’s been confirmed in study after study. What the companies will not inform you, but has lately come to light, is that those aren’t the only things hazardous about conventional tobacco products.

Turns out that the tobacco has thousands of chemical compounds in it. Some are introduced in the fields in the growing process, like fertilizers and pesticides. Others are introduced purposely by the companies to make the product last longer on the shelves and even to increase the addictiveness to a specific brand. Most of these chemical substances haven’t been tested and neither of them have been tested in the mixtures which are found in tobacco products.

While electronic cigarettes have yet to be tested by the FDA, the substances obtained in them have all been tested. Propylene glycol, the base which is where the nicotine as well as flavorings are found in, has been tested and deemed safe for human consumption. You can actually even discover this in our foods. Nicotine has also been tested quite extensively. As all studies have shown that it’s without a doubt an addictive substance, there was nothing to propose that it will cause permanent damage or increase the danger of cancer. By itself, nicotine doesn’t set off cancer – it’s the burning of the tobacco that causes this risk.

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