Diet for Health? It may be all in your genes!

Diet for Health? It may be all in your genes!

Is there A Diet For Health

We’re bombarded with information on a healthy diet. We can turn to the new food pyramid and the general consensus of what makes a good diet for health. Sure, we all know that we’re supposed to eat 5-8 servings of fruits and veggies each day. The dreaded eight glasses of water figure prominently into a diet for health. Antioxidants, trans fats, saturated fats, monitoring of sugar and salt intake all figure in to a diet for health program. However, genetics do play a major role in what’s healthy for you, the individual. Let’s see how you can tailor your diet to your specific dietary needs.

Diet For Health & Your Ethnic Background

It’s well documented that persons of a specific, non-Western ethnic descent who adopt a modern Western diet, often suffer from health conditions prevalent in their adopted dietary practices. For example, Eskimos, who survive and thrive on diets high in fat, develop health conditions that are detrimental, due to a lack of fats deemed ‘bad’ in our culinary culture. Native Americans survived well and in good health, on a diet full of animal meat, salted heavily and for the most part, absent of sugar. Scandinavian people have historically subsisted on fish, hale and hearty. In Asian cultures, seaweed, rice and vegetables are the mainstay of a diet for health.

Cultural Diet For Health?

When people adhere to the traditional healthy diet of their culture, disease is far less prevalent. The native Eskimo is far less likely to develop heart disease.

Diet For Health

The Native American, consuming a diet with far more sodium and less sugar, does not develop high blood pressure or diabetes. The person of Scandinavian descent, sticking with the traditional fish overload, is less likely to develop arthritis! On the face of it, it doesn’t make sense. We’re warned about the dangers of a high-fat diet, excessive sodium and the absence of platefuls of veggies. Yet, these traditional diets are a healthy diet, at least for those in specific ethnic groups.

So what’s the secret to a diet for health? Track down your ethnic roots and see what food prevail in your genetic heritage. Search out statistics on health conditions. It might well be that, genetically, you require more salt, despite what your physician has to say. My husband is living proof. He salts his food to a degree that I cannot enjoy. Yet, his blood pressure and cholesterol levels are perfect! My own Scandinavian roots seem to infuse me with a need for fish. When I consume plentiful amounts of fish (with those bounteous amounts of Omega-3s, I feel in the pink. Deprive me and my health suffers.

When you’re looking for a diet for health, consider your ethnicity. Be sensible, but pay attention to those cultural statistics! This a key factor in melding the food pyramid with your individual diet for health.