Cardiac Direct - EKG/ECG Supplies Logan Health Centers

Cardiac Direct - EKG/ECG Supplies  Logan Health Centers

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Some Helpful Information About EKG/ECG

The human heartbeat is setup to beat according to special electrical impulses. These electrical impulses are able to be recorded on paper by an EKG machine so doctors can study exactly how the heart is functioning. Once they know what the underlying cause of the heart symptoms are, the doctors can provide a diagnosis. .

To give you a little more insight, the human heart is made up of 4 chambers. The upper chambers are known as the atria, and the lower chambers are known as the ventricles. When people go to the emergency room complaining of chest pain, doctors will review the EKG readouts to try and pinpoint the problem before it has a chance to get any worse.

Common causes of emergency room visits for chest pain are heart attack, chronic inflammation, angina, and others. An important thing to remember about EKG/ECG testing is that any medication youre on might have an impact on the results. Be sure to tell your doctor what medication youre taking if they ask you.

The process of monitoring heart impulses is called telemetry. In a hospital setting, when a patient is hooked up to one of these EKG/ECG machines, generally these patients are monitored as long as theyre an inpatient.

Cardiac Direct Has Home EKG/ECG Supplies Ready To Order

The Cardiac Direct website has tons of cardiology supplies you can choose from, including EKG/ECG machines. You can always order over the phone toll free, or use the web based interface to order. Also, Cardiac Direct will beat any competitor pricing out there! You can be sure that when you shop at Cardiac Direct, that youll be getting the highest quality equipment at the lowest possible price.

Also, if you have any questions that you dont find an answer to on the Cardiac Direct website, you can always chat with a live representative. They can answer any inquiry you have about their EKG/ECG products and how they function.

Keep Track Of The Performance Of Your Heart And More!

If youre taking medications, and you want to know how theyre affecting your heart, an EKG/ECG machine can help you do that. If you have a pacemaker, these machines can help you keep track of their performance as well. Any medical conditions you have, like high blood pressure, diabetes, or heart disease can be closely monitored by one of these machines. This way, if your heart begins to act erratically, you can get the medical attention you need fast.

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