Behind the Causes of Morbid Obesity

Behind the Causes of Morbid Obesity

The causes of morbid obesity, a condition where a person is 100 pounds or more above an ideal weight, are wide and varied. However, if we rule out heredity and genetic influences which cause a very small percent of the morbidly obese numbers, the causes of morbid obesity can be summed up as excessive eating of the wrong kinds of foods and a sedentary lifestyle, Another name for morbid obesity is clinically severe obesity with which there are health risks which are brought about by the condition.

Although eating and exercise, or lack there of, are the two outward manifestations or apparent causes of morbid obesity, many experts claim the real causes of morbid obesity are psychological and learned behavioral responses to childhood experiences are the real causes. They also believe that treating the eating and exercise habits without dealing with the underlying behavioral causes will only produce short term results at best. Even if the causes of morbid obesity really lie in the psyche it is still productive to look at the behavioral causes of morbid obesity.

First is food intake. A high caloric intake is definitely one of the main causes of morbid obesity especially if the individual does nothing to off set it. Calories are supposed to power our body and its movements. If a person, eats a lot of high calorie food but does nothing to use the energy the excess energy turns into fat and this accumulates in the person''s body.

Second is a sedentary lifestyle. Lack of exercise usually complicates obesity and is more likely to turn it into morbid obesity if left unchecked. This is one of the main causes of morbid obesity that can actually be altered with the right motivation. Regular exercise can prevent and treat obesity as well as morbid obesity.

Physical Conditions That Are Causes of Morbid Obesity

1)Thyroid problems or other glandular conditions may lead to morbid obesity if left unmanaged. These causes of morbid obesity are something that can not be helped and must be treated at its root before any obesity can be treated.

2)Eating disorders and metabolic disorders can also be the causes of morbid obesity. Treating these causes of can be as easy as medication and psychiatric therapy.

3)Some people are more prone to obesity than others. The causes of morbid obesity for some people may have something to do with their genes. Our genes play a huge part in whatever conditions we have been genetically molded to have.

In Conclusion

The causes of morbid obesity although in the vast majority of cases and certainly behind the rapid rise in the numbers is fueled by poor eating habits and lack of physical exercise. The truly underlying reasons are as vast and varied are the people that are obese. History has shown that government regulation cannot change peoples lifestyle nor can simply educating them. To stem the rising numbers of obesity is going to require dealing with the root causes of morbid obesity at the subconscious level that drives and allows people to accept a lifestyle of obesity.