Basic Steps to Building Muscle

Basic Steps to Building Muscle

Basic Steps to Building Muscle

Building Muscle can have innumerable advantages. By strength training, you give your body good fitness levels, you prevent weight loss as the muscle replaces fat, you burn more calories when you exercise, because muscle weighs more than fat, and thus, pushes your body harder.

Muscle building can be both hard and easy, depending on how much fat you still have to lose and how much you enjoy working out, as exercise is one of the only ways you can build muscle. Unless, a magic muscle building machine is invented!

So here are the basic steps to building muscle.

Step 1: Lose Fat

The first step to building muscle is to lose flab. To do this you must exercise and eat healthy. By doing this you’re preparing your body for more serious exercise regimens that will follow to help you build muscle. Also, you’re ensuring that the muscles you do build eventually will be seen. Often fat hides muscles and you will not be able to notice them, unless the layers of fat are gone. So, now you know why, despite hundreds of ab crunches you can’t see your six packs!

Step 2: Gain Weight

Yes, when you start working out, especially building muscle you gain weight. And, if you’re one of those people who has been waging war with the weighing scales for years, don’t worry, you’re only gaining muscle. Because muscle weighs considerably more than fat, often, the scales will show that you have gained. Don’t panic, slowly, as you eat right and exercise, you will begin to see results. Not necessarily on the scale but on your body. Your clothes will start to fit better, you will begin to get compliments and you will lean out, even as the scales don’t budge! But to build muscle, you need to seriously follow, Step 3 and 4.

Step 3: Strength Training

Start off with free weights and choose whatever weights you’re most comfortable with. Give yourself a reasonable time target, so that you’re not tempted to pick up heavier weights than you would be able to. If you’re overweight, include more time in your ‘building muscle’ plan. After, you’re comfortable with free weights you can start to use machines and other strength training and muscle building equipment. Slowly, you will begin to see results. In fact, your biceps are the first to show, so feel free to flex frequently! Depending on much muscle you wish to build, you could increase weights and duration of the workout.

Step 4: Eat Right

If you don’t eat right, you can rest assured that you building muscle project will fail dismally. You could either get skinny, get injured or fall ill. Because adequate nutrition is the other 50% of building muscle. Eating fatty foods and consuming excessive calories will only make you look bulky and not in a nice way. While exercising to build muscle, you must consume enough carbs and protein, also choose good recovery foods.

Last but not the least, you must rest between workouts. Muscles usually need 24 hours to recover, so remember to workout different parts on the next day and include one day of rest in the week.