Baby Sex Calculator

Baby Sex Calculator

Has anyone used the calculator to predict the Chinese baby gender of your baby and he was right?

Yes, I played with him (for fun) in my first quarter and said that I was a boy and of course, two weeks ago I had a son!

I used it, he said that I have a boy and I did! I also used for friends and it was good for them too. I even tested with the children I already had (2 girls) and that was too good!

I used it and it was predicted that I would have a daughter. I was so happy because that was what I wanted. I sleep a little boy one month in its cradle. lol.

This stuff is bull. . . chances are 50 50 then what. It CALCULATE. . . I have heard is a myth

I tried just for fun. He said I have a daughter, I had a boy. Go do it for fun, but certainly not take it seriously.

Yes, and he was right sooooooooooooooo! He said that I would have a boy, and of course I did! He has worked for everyone I talked to about it!

it was good for me, told me I was a boy and I said my mother was having a girl, and she

My sister swears by it, she did it for 2, my boyfriend and while flowers was pregnant! They all turned out okay, but I think it is 50/50 really protruding!

told me it was going to be a boy and im a mother to a beautiful little girl two months! lol

I used it and he said I have a boy ... I had twins! LOL!

there because it was fun .. We were surprised on the sex and he said I have a daughter and a handsome boy of five months old

For some people it works, but for some it does not work. It really depends on the person.

I guess it serves 50% of people

3 of mine have never been right.

Mine was bad, that said, I have a daughter, but I have a little boy

Ive never heard people say good things about it, it worked for me.

mine was on the spot! but I guess it''s just a coincidence

Mine was right to have a girl

it is true for me. each has a 50/50 chance



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